Dreaming of a warped sense of reality

As mornings go this morning I don’t feel positive, I feel tired and fed up! I didn’t sleep well at all! The lovely Jasmine thought it was acceptable to wake me up in lovely spaced out intervals! I sometimes have these dreams that I really think are real. And sometimes I’m adamant I’ve had theseContinue reading “Dreaming of a warped sense of reality”

Christmas Time and all that jazz!! ❤️❤️❤️

So I’m on a high! This happens a lot but some days it’s worse than others! Today for instance I’m bouncing off the walls.. I have all of these fabulous ideas and I tend to end up doing something impulse that leaves me in Bad situations! Christmas this year I’m making gifts for everyone. LittleContinue reading “Christmas Time and all that jazz!! ❤️❤️❤️”

Monday Morning! Are you harbouring a Narcissist?

I’ve woken up in a pretty amazing mood.. it’s always nice when someone special makes you smile .😊 I’ve been through some substantial difficulties over the past few weeks. And being appreciated really matters! Monday’s are usually hard for me. I usually feel oh so terrible! Why is that? I honestly can’t put my fingerContinue reading “Monday Morning! Are you harbouring a Narcissist?”