30 days of healthyness

I’ve been away from the blogging world for a while but.. Hey I’m back!!, so I’ve embarked on a Wonderful 30 day plan with an amazing company called arbonne. Its basically a plan where you. Reset your body. Taking away all of the main allergens like diary, wheat and gluten along with soy and alcohol.. I’m 13 days in and I’m loving it. Watch this space for more info x

**The typical results are different for everyone. Results depend on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise and the like.

Published by staceyleamorris

I’m 31 a little erratic and slightly uncoordinated when it comes to life. I have a story, it could be worth a listen. My serious aim is to be able to help others with self discovery! I am training to become a life coach. I will be documenting and blogging my life and I hope you will join me.

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