Been Away a while

Hey all sorry I’ve been a way a while! Life’s just been a rollercoaster!

Sooo happy though right now.. and yes he has a name. ❤️❤️ it’s nuts what life throws into your path! I didn’t think I’d be happy again after 2019.. looks like this might be my year!

I’ve started to be able to love myself again. Look in the mirror and not hate what I see looking back! She stares back and smiles with glee! My friends and family are all really supportive of this new happy me and it’s a relief.

I spent last year trying to please others and I fell under my own trap! I’m lucky that the people that are in my life now don’t judge me or take me for granted. And I’ll love them all for that unconditionally.

I’ll keep my blog topped up now I promise. ❤️

Published by staceyleamorris

I’m 31 a little erratic and slightly uncoordinated when it comes to life. I have a story, it could be worth a listen. My serious aim is to be able to help others with self discovery! I am training to become a life coach. I will be documenting and blogging my life and I hope you will join me.

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