I’m Taking Back Sunday

My mother bear has been with me this weekend and it’s been really nice. Gonna cook us both a beef dinner soon! I love procrastinating on a Sunday, I have a. Lot on my mind today, kinda trying to figure a few things out! But it’s not easy when there are no answers in front of you!

It’s about finding ways of answering your own questions really! But in a way that you benefit! I find that I always end up changing and adapting for the person or situation I want the answer for, it is very often the case that it’s me that ends up losing out!

Im changing and evolving so taking back my life ooh I’m Taking Back Sunday. A lot of lyrics by that amazing band have helped me to arrange different parts of my life into a sort of order!!

Much love 💓

Published by staceyleamorris

I’m 31 a little erratic and slightly uncoordinated when it comes to life. I have a story, it could be worth a listen. My serious aim is to be able to help others with self discovery! I am training to become a life coach. I will be documenting and blogging my life and I hope you will join me.

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