Today felt like yesterday..

Today was bitter sweet for me! I’ve had my kiddies with me and it’s been amazing but putting the tree up was really hard! My neighbour actually came over and helped and made me feel better about things.

So I associated putting the tree up as a family for tradition. But it still is.. me and my boys are a family! I’m sat here looking at it and it’s just what I wanted! Snow flakes, stars, butterflies. It’s pink, silver and white. It actually matches my personality.

My life isn’t starting again it’s evolving! It’s the beginning of a new chapter. I find the phrase ‘starting a new life’ quite odd. We only have one life, we can’t just wake up and start again. We just change!

I’m actually really happy this evening. My world is in the next room, they are still chattering away although it’s way past bed time. My youngest keeps asking me to come lie with him! I need mommy time now!

Some days I feel so lost like I’m down a rabbit hole. Then I look up and see all of the amazing people pulling me back up!

I’ll say it again! Live life and love!

Published by staceyleamorris

I’m 31 a little erratic and slightly uncoordinated when it comes to life. I have a story, it could be worth a listen. My serious aim is to be able to help others with self discovery! I am training to become a life coach. I will be documenting and blogging my life and I hope you will join me.

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