Christmas has come early

So this is the biggest weekend of the year shopping wise! Everyone starts to realise just how close the big day actually is! I’m doing a home made Christmas this year! I’m making boozy cake, truffles, chocolates and frames! The only people I’m getting gifts for of course will be kiddies!

I’ve worked in retail for a massive portion of my life and I’ll admit I’m not missing it this year not one bit! I went out shopping with the boys at around half eight this morning purely because I just didn’t want the rush! I now don’t need to leave the house until Sunday we have food we have games and we have each other!

I’m in the middle of putting up my Christmas šŸŽ„ It’s only going up as it’s my weekend with the boys. So the issues is i have never put one up on my own and the lights are just not my friend! I love the fact the tree is totally my design and I don’t get moaned at for it being too girly! I will put a pic up when I’m done! The kids will help but they are currently occupied by the Xbox!

Published by staceyleamorris

Iā€™m 31 a little erratic and slightly uncoordinated when it comes to life. I have a story, it could be worth a listen. My serious aim is to be able to help others with self discovery! I am training to become a life coach. I will be documenting and blogging my life and I hope you will join me.

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