little old me!

Simple, plain and misunderstood three words that simply do not define me! 

The idea of this page is to blog the hell out of my little life!
it will be honest, raw hilarious and sometimes a little sad but you know what hang in there, I’ve got you!

Hi I’m Stacey Lea I’m 31 and this is the start of my journey it’s 23rd November 2019 and I woke up this morning with the clearest of heads! You see I’ve been on a pretty continuous roundabout these past few months. Really stuck on how to proceed with my journey! my entire year has been let’s just say unappealing and pretty unrewarding. But that’s ok! My life is pretty great when I look just a little closer!

November 2019

Life Coach

Everything in life has a purpose right?

Well I’ve took the plunge and enrolled on a life coaching course! It’s just the beginning of my journey, but one of my goals is to help others. Guide them straight (not always maybe a little wiggly) into the direction that they know they deserve! 

My Blog

My blog is designed as a tool, for myself and anyone that wants to read! Talking is an amazing form of therapy. So I will be blogging about my past my present and my future! Along with detailing how my coaching journey is going!